Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Run #33 -5th anniversary - DIE HARD

Thank you very much for supporting, running and enjoying Babes Hash.
We just turn to 5 years old.
Compare with other hash groups in Hong Kong, our history is still green and young, but I think,
our babes are more fun than any hashers in the world.

Let's thanks to all the committees who support and contribute their energy in Babes Hash in past 5 years. And let's welcome new committees who will make our hash group more fun and exciting.

Catch of the day - secretary
She wee BF - drinks&foods
Hash bike - committee
Indianas - GM
Rawhide - hareraiser (new!)
Any dick will do - hash cash (new!)
Walky Talky - mission completed
Disco BF - mission completed

New sexy babes,
Zumba chaps

Let's keep Run hard, party hard and die hard.
See you all in May.

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