Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Run #018 Racing Bad GIrls at Siu Lam (West Kowloon) - 17 Sep 2011 by Hash Bike

Hey babes

The next hash will be on the 17th September 3:00 pm.

This will be the 'Raging Bad Girls' run!

Hares: Octopussy and Winniebegal

Meeting point Siu Lam bus stop. The stop for the Siu Lam Psychiatric hospital and the Siu Lam Psychiatric Prison. Ask the bus driver, they'll be very happy to tell you where to get off the bus!!

From HK Island - buses 962 and 962b
From Kowloon - 61M and 52X
From Tuen Muen - K51

It's an A to B run

There are no toilets or change rooms at A but there will be at B.

Bad girls need to cool down after a fit- so bring your swim wear.

If you have any questions or just need some psychotherapy please call Octopussy on 53037305.

Ps. Electric shock treatment is unavailable.

Location Map

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