Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Santahash - Dec 12, Sunday

Dear Babes, 
This year, Santa Hash will be organized by Royal Southside H3.
As part of Hong Kong Hash House Harries group, Babes Hash would like to contribute ourselves as well and wish the events successful. 

On our next Bebes Hash run, Nov 27th (Sat), I would like to ask your cash contribution to Santa Hash which goes to Operation Santa Clause charity pocket.

Our target donation amount is HK$1500, but as you know Babes hash is still new with small group, we may not able to reach the target. Hope we can donate as much as we can and any contribution amount is welcomed. Someone suggested we can sale our charm at the circle which may easy to make fortune? (HK$10 for kiss to cheek....)
Anyway, if you are not able to run on Dec 12 but still want to do donation, please contact to

Run details for Santahash:

Best regards,
Catch of the way

Below is the message from organizer:

As you should now be aware Santa Hash 2010 will take place on Sunday, 12 December and this year is being organised by Royal Southside H3.

The idea of Santa Hash is for all the HK kennels to come together to have fun and at the same time raise as much cash for charity as we can, typically Operation Santa Claus organised by SCMP.

To raise as much money as possible for Operation Santa Claus organised by SCMP we typically look for sponsors & raffle prize donors to help boost the total sum.

If you know of any companies, organisations, individuals etc. who you think would be willing to join with us this year please either (1) feel free to approach them yourselves or (2) advise their details so that a member of RS2H3 can approach them.

OnOn to Santa Hash 2010

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